Homeowners Insurance….

Q: The McLean Insurance Group only works with companies that have an “A” financial rating- why is this important to me???   

A:  In light of the challenging fiscal world we live in today- you need to take every precaution that the Company you signed up with actual has the resources to pay your claim 100 %. The McLean Insurance Group has done the research for you – and ONLY partners with companies that have the highest ratings of capital surplus.

Q: What is a Replacement Cost Calculation (RCC) and why should I get one???

A:  The RCC will determine the cost of completely rebuilding your home in the event of a total loss. Remember- you don’t want to insure your home for what someone will pay for it ( market value) – you want to insure it for the cost to rebuild from the ground up ( replacement cost ) .  The McLean Insurance Group will redo the RCC on an annual basis to keep the value up to date.

Q: I think I have a claim … what shall I do???

A: First, call The McLean Insurance Group & speak to one of our licensed insurance professionals!! We’ll discuss the merits, upside and downside of filing the claim – sometimes the best choice is to not file a claim at all!!  Should you decide to file a claim – remember these three steps (1) take all reasonable actions to prevent further loss(es) on your property (2) Cooperate fully with your claims adjuster – give them the information to do their best job for you and (3) Document your items prior to a loss- video/ photos and an inventory checklist go a long way to get you what you deserve !!!

Q: What should my Homeowners Insurance Policy cover??

A: Any quality contract should cover the actual structure of your home, other structures ( i.e. shed) detached from the home, personal property within the home, personal expenses while your home is being repaird – liability coverage should an injury to an individual occur on your property. For further details- call The McLean Insurance Group,

Automobile Insurance…..

Q:  What factors affect my automobile insurance premium?

A:  Many criteria figure into your final premium – such as age of your vehicle, cost of vehicle, credit history, age of driver(s) , marital status, driving record and loss history in surrounding community. Talk with  The McLean Insurance Group to determine the best protection solutions for your circumstances.

Q:  Explain the Modified No Fault coverage here in Florida….  

A: Simply put – the person responsible for the incident / accident covers Physical damage to all vehicles- Medical payments are covered on each individuals auto insurance contract.

Q: I have teen age drivers…..any way to reduce their premiums?

A: We at The McLean Insurance Group feel your pain - a new driver who has their own vehicle can easily double a family annual auto insurance premium!!! Let us suggest three routes to save parents premium $$$$$ (1) limited driving in the first 12 months after obtaining their license- research shows  approx. 50% of all age 16-21 claims occur during that time (2 ) encourage good grades- and ask The McLean Insurance Group about “good student ” discounts – some as much as 30 % !!! and (3) if your teen has passed a Drivers Educational Course- tell us about it – there are discounts available for trained drivers as well.

Q: When should / shouldn’t you file a claim……

A: Always remember, insurance contracts are built to handle large infrequent claims – the company would rather have one $50,000 loss than five $500 losses.  If you file a small claim – then shortly afterwards have a major loss – you may have your rates increase and or have your contract cancelled.  Always talk with The McLean Insurance Group before filing a claim- let our team of licensed professionals give you all your options.

Business Insurance……

Q:  What are the types of Business Insurance coverage?

A: Indeed there are many – from Business Owners, Inland Marine, Aviation , Boiler & Machinery, Auto Fleets, Directors & Officers, Employment Practices , Sexual Misconduct , Workers Compensation, Professional and General Liability etc. etc. etc…… Let your The McLean Insurance Group Business insurance professionals make sense of it all, explain your options, and put together a comprehensive and cost efficient protection program for your Company.

Q: Can The McLean Insurance Group help me lower my Business insurance premium?

A:  Absolutely, there a few ideas that can really help…..

Adequate lighting surrounding your business…

Wiring, plumbing and roofing recently updated

Installation of a sprinkler system

Begin a formal safety program

Consider raising deductibles – as long as you are comfortable with the additional exposure.

Q:  What’s the difference between an admitted insurance company and an Excess & Surplus one?

A:  An admitted insurance carrier is formally approved by the Department of Insurance of the State of Florida. It doesn’t make the company any better than others- the only difference is in the event of a major loss (example hurricane damage) the State of Florida would guarantee claims payment to the insured. Excess & Surplus companies do not have that assurance from the State- on the other hand in many instances they are stronger fiscally than admitted carriers & and are very price competitive. Again, talk to your The McLean Insurance Group business expert to determine which type of carrier is in your individual Business’ best interest.

Q: What should you look for in a Business Insurance Agency?

A: Obviously, a professional Business Insurance agents should be a partner to your business – from answering your questions- being a resource for areas outside of realm of insurance – assessing your present and future needs – and delivering a variety of appropriate and cost effective products to protect what you have worked so hard to create.

Another area you should consider is choosing between the two main types of agencies – the “captive” agency which contractually restricted to just one insurance option for your business. The McLean Insurance Group, on the other hand – has the capabilities to bring many of the very best insurance markets in Florida and across the Nation to your company – giving you the ultimate confidence that you getting the best “Bang” for your insurance ” Buck” !! A recent survey among Business owners showed that the “independent agency” model (like The McLean Insurance Group) is preferred by an over 2 -1 margin – let us bring our considerable resources to bear for you.