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Homeowners InsuranceFlorida residents love their homes. Besides paint or a protective coating to protect it from regular wear a homeowner’s insurance policy is necessary due to the possibility of unforeseen events. For residents of Florida, it can be very difficult to understand how a homeowner’s insurance policy works and what aspects are covered in it. Though the contract lists all of them, it is very time consuming to read them before you sign. People living in today’s world are always so busy and don’t like to take the time to read the fine print; yet before signing a policy, you must be aware of the aspects of a homeowner’s insurance policy and whether the policy covers your home for most of the damages and disasters.

Home insurance in Florida usually covers the damage to the possessions and structure. It also includes the relocation costs and liability expenses which could in any way make the home not fit to live. The disasters covered by home insurance are explosions of any kind, smoke, theft, wreckage, wind, damage due to any vehicle, fire and lightening. You can purchase an add-on policy or a cap that might cover disasters occurred due to electrical appliances, falling objects, water, snow or sleet.


Florida has numerous insurance agents claiming to offer homeowners insurance for the best prices. Though their prices may be competitive in the industry, not all the features are covered in their policies. Every agent offers policies and coverage for various prices. However, 407insurance.com offers home owners in Florida a one-stop solution for complete coverage.

Why you should choose 407insurance.com for Homeowners Insurance?

The first thing one should look at in the insurance agent is what they offer you. There are various options such as policies that suit your budget, policies that get the agents a huge commission and policies that suit your requirements. Your 407insurance.com agent can offer the policy that is right for you and can tailor it to fit your requirements and budget. 407insurance.com will help you choose the best available option which could be a standard coverage or a deluxe protection plan which covers almost all the aspects one could ever imagine of. Basically a well-designed home owner’s insurance must cover the home, personal belongings and personal liability.

407insurance.com offers homeowners insurance policies to newly built homes, condos, rental apartments and other residential structures. Their policies cover your personal belongings and the building. Most of their home insurance policies cover even personal liabilities and offers protection against the lawsuits that involves physical injuries occurred on or off the property. Special endorsements are available with the homeowner’s basic policies that cover even your minor belongings such as home appliances, mobile phones and expensive accessories. The homeowner’s insurance policy or the renter’s property offers you security and safety against the loss of your property and personal belongings.

Let us look into various coverage in detail:

Dwelling Coverage: This refers to the structure you are living in. It could be an apartment, condo, modular home, an independent house or any other related structure. Dwelling coverage is the amount offered by the Florida insurance agent to rebuild or repair the house. This covers only the structure and nothing more than that. You can use this coverage to rebuild, make changes or upgrade your home.

Personal Property Coverage: Personal property can be anything ranging from the home appliances to your personal jewelry or clothing. Mostly the agents offer 50% to 70% of the dwelling coverage as the personal property coverage. When you choose to opt for this coverage it is advisable to draft an inventory consisting of all the important belongings in the house. This would help you during any future claims. You can even take photographs of the belongings or shoot video and store it in a safe place. This inventory will help you to get a clear idea of the value of those items.

Other Structure: When the insurance agent says that other structures are also covered, it could mean any other part other than the main house. It could be anything like a car shed, stable, barn or anything else within the premises. The companies usually offer 10% of the dwelling coverage as the claim. If you want this amount to be more, you will have to pay higher premiums.

Additional Expenses Coverage: When your house is damaged due to a fire, explosion, flood or for any other reason becomes un-liveable, you might have to stay for a few days or weeks in a hotel. So, who is going to bear the cost for it? The insurance agents, of course. You get about 20% of the dwelling coverage as additional expenses coverage.

Besides these the personal liabilities and other coverage protect you from injuries occurred to you and others due to your home. If any accident happens you must immediately file a claim with the insurance company to cover the damage. The company visits and evaluates the loss and determines the value you get. To stay covered you must renew your policy and pay the premiums regularly. This not only ensures a long life to your property but also lessens your burden and gives you peace of mind.

Now that you know the reason why you should chose 407insurance.com for homeowners insurance, call the representatives or drop an e-mail requesting a free quote. You may even request the representative to visit your home for a deeper analysis before looking into the clauses and the policies.

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