Lake Mary Insurance Company Warns Homeowner’s of Potential Holiday Hazards

house holidayThe holiday season is such an enjoyable time of year. Family and friends gather for long planned celebrations. With the excitement of gift shopping and parties, it easy to overlook the smallest detail that can lead to accidents and mishaps, especially when your schedule is so busy.

First make sure that your homeowners insurance policy has been reviewed and has contents coverage which provides you with comprehensive cover for holiday thieves, loss of belongings, common breakages as well as fire and accidents.

407 offers homeowners four holiday safety tips to ensure all members of your family stay healthy and safe, and that your belongings are protected. We also want to help you and inform you about things that could result in an insurance claim.

1. Exterior Home Decoration.  People everywhere love to dress up their homes with grand yard displays, twinkling lights and animated holiday figures. From Santa and his sled on the roof to blow ups with generators in the yard. Hundreds of extension cords are plugged into each other and often times without considering the load going into the circuit or plug. Make sure you are using the proper lights for outdoor use. Using indoor lights on the outside can cause a fire hazard. Make sure you do not overload circuits in electrical outlets that may cause a fire.  According to the United States Fire Administration (USFA), home electrical problems account for 28,600 fires and $1.1 billion in property losses during a typical year.  Fires may be caused by electrical system failures, or defects in appliances, but the majority, 53% according to USFA, involve electrical wiring and are the result of misuse, poor maintenance, incorrect installation, and overloaded circuits and extension cords.

2. Ladders & Chairs – There are also those brave souls who use ladders and climb up on the roof to secure lights. Be careful using ladders, chairs and step stools when hanging lights and decorations. Falling off a stepladder while putting up Christmas decorations and lights is one of the most common accidents that occur. It is very easy to miss a step or get light cords tangles around feet. Many people end up in the emergency room because they fell off a ladder that was not on an even surface, as well as neglecting to have someone to hold them steady.  Take caution when climbing ladders and walking on roofs. Many homeowners accidentally fall off of the roof which could result in serious back injuries.

Tree Hazards. Real trees and artificial trees have different potential dangers. For artificial trees a lot depends on the materials they are made of. Flame retardant tress and decorations are essential to ensure a safe holiday experience. Indoors most commonly people use a chair for reaching the top of the Christmas tree. Be careful not to lose your balance and fall. It is important to make sure your tree stand is on an even floor so it does not lean. If a homeowner has a real tree it is important to keep water in the tree stand to keep the tree from becoming dry and brittle and a fire risk. It is also wise to check that lights are in working condition and do not short out causing fire. Check lights for loose, frayed or bare wires, broken bulbs and cracked plugs.

3. Holiday Candles. Make sure candles are not near flammable gifts, gift paper, or plastic decorations. Do not light candles on a Christmas trees real or artificial.  Do not place lit candles on electrical appliances, near clothing or gifts and do not leave home or go to bed without extinguishing the flame.

4. The Holiday Meal. The kitchen in notorious for seasonal accidents.Christmas cooking and baking is a lot of work and no one wants a trip to the Emergency Room due to burns, cuts or cooking injuries.  Remember to use those oven mitts and pot holders when handling hot dished. If you are deep frying a turkey make sure you know how.  When handling hot fat, boiling water, sharp knives, and children out of the way of injury. wants homeowners to be aware of the increased risk of fire, injuries and home damage during the holiday season.  Do you know if your current insurance policy covers these holiday accidents?  At we will offer a free policy review to make sure you are covered. If you would like information on Homeowner’s insurance visit or call at (407) 324-5662 or email Mike McLean at

Enjoy a holiday that  is a safe and enjoyable one for all your family and friends.


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