McLean Insurance Group Tips for the Upcoming Hurricane Season ( Starts June 1st – yikes !!)












Okay, so you have been given the preparation list for hurricane season. What to buy, how to stay safe, food and water etc… But what about your homeowner’s insurance. Did anyone remind you to call your agent and get things in order before hurricane season starts? Here is a list of things you should do if you are a homeowner.

(1)    Call your agent and get an updated Replacement Cost Calculation (RCC) NOW to be sure your home is covered properly !!

(2)    Find out how your Hurricane deductible is applied  with your Homeowners Policy –  can be anywhere from any wind or storm event to just a hurricane declared by the National Hurricane Service in your Home County –  remember a slight change could save ( or cost…)  you thousands of $$$$$…..

(3)    Consider adding Flood coverage- whether the bank says you  need it or not !!  Flood isn’t covered under ANY Homeowners policy  -  for approx. $250 annually you can cover yourself against almost  any water driven loss !!!

(4)    Be sure you have your Homeowners companies (800) claims number handy- after a loss in bad weather – some times you cant get a hold of your agent- be sure you can let your insurance company what happened as soon as possible !!

(5)    Two words… DOCUMENT  & COOPERATE !!!  Have as much written, stored and videoed documented  info stored in a safe place as possible – make it easier for the claims adjuster to do right by you !!!  And…. Be professional and cooperate with your claims adjuster – remember you can catch more flies with HONEY than Vinegar !!

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