Winter Springs Insurance

fb headerThe McLean Insurance Group specializes in auto, homeowners and business insurance in Winter Springs, Florida. The company is established in the local area and provides numerous insurance policy options along with competitive prices. Following is an overview of the various types of insurance that a person can choose from in Winter Springs, Florida.

Homeowners Insurance

There are various types of homeowners insurance. Those who want optimum coverage in Winter Springs, Florida should purchase either a HO-3 or HO-5 policy. These policies cover almost every form of damage, unless the form of damage in question is specifically excluded from the contract. The HO-5 is the most expensive yet the most comprehensive of these two policies. However, both policies cover injuries incurred at home.

The HO-4 is a policy for tenants and covers injuries incurred on the property, theft, burglary, vandalism and some forms of property damage. The HO-6 provides similar coverage to a condo owner while the HO-8 policy is specifically made for those who own or reside in an old home in Winter Springs, Florida.

Auto Insurance

Basic auto insurance is required by Florida law, and The McLean Insurance Group provides this form of insurance to residents of Winter Springs, Florida at a very competitive price. However, there are also some forms of auto insurance that are not required by state law but that are very good to have. These include uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, comprehensive coverage and no fault auto insurance.

The more auto insurance a person buys, the more his or her policy will cost. However, The McLean Insurance Group provides some ways in which a person can bring auto insurance costs down and thus save a considerable amount of money. Auto insurance for young drivers, for example, can be quite costly in Winter Springs, Florida, but The McLean Insurance Group offers discounted rates to those who take a defensive driving course, which is offered by the Florida Department of Transportation. Women in Winter Springs, Florida can get a discounted rate by applying for a policy that does not list a male driver.

Business Insurance

Anyone who is opening his or her own business in Winter Springs, Florida will need business insurance. Some forms of insurance are required by law. If the business has a vehicle in its name, then this vehicle must have commercial auto insurance. If a person employs one or more people, then he or she will be required to take out coverage that provides compensation to the employees should one or more of these individuals be injured on the job.

There are also some forms of business insurance that are simply very good to have. Errors and omissions insurance protect a person from being sued by a third party due to an unintentional mistake or oversight. Insuring valuable equipment is also a good idea, as it will enable a person to fix valuable business machinery should a piece break or need to be replaced. A business office or shop premises in Winter Springs, Florida should be insured against damage caused by natural disasters, theft, vandalism and other unfortunate incidents.

Tips on Buying Insurance

At The McLean Insurance Group, a person can rest assured that he or she is getting good value for the money. At the same time, it is important for a person to read the insurance contract very carefully before signing it. In the case of business and auto insurance, a form of damage not listed on the contract is not covered. The contract should also specify how long it will take for a person to get compensation for an incident that falls under the insurance policy coverage.

Taking out insurance in Winter Springs, Florida is an added expense, although it is well worth the cost. A person who needs insurance should look up local Florida laws and be sure that he or she has the minimal coverage required in the state. At the same time, an individual should also look over the various policy options and see which ones best suit his or her needs. When one takes the time to choose the right form of insurance, they can then rest assure that his or her home, vehicle and/or business is properly covered and ready to face any disaster or unfortunate occurrence.